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So what exactly IS an "Online Boot Camp"??  

Great question! 

I used to wonder that myself and had a hard time understanding the power of a "virtual community" until I was actually in one. 

So let me break it down for you in a few simple points below: 

  • An Online Boot Camp is exactly what it sounds like -- a online community of people who all have one common goal: to get BETTER.  Whether that means getting stronger, healthier, more confident, more in control, etc., we are in it together and working toward those goals collectively each and every day. 
  • Each participant selects a workout + nutrition program (accessible from a Netflix-like library) that fits her own individual goals (see Transformation Packages for more guidance on this). 
  • Once a package is selected and enrollment is complete, the participant will receive an invite to join the Online Boot Camp, which takes place in a private Tracker App that allows you to log workouts, nutrition, and progress check-ins to stay accountable. 
  • Participants will receive motivation, guidance and tips from Meredith throughout the duration of the Boot Camp, as well as live workouts + group coaching sessions. 
  • Participants will also be invited to partake in Pop-up Contests + Giveaways inside the Boot Camp App, as well as a Grand Prize Giveaway, which may vary based on the particular Boot Camp theme. 

Sound like something you could get down with? 

If so, fill out an application below to receive more information on our next Online Boot Camp theme and start date! 

**PLEASE NOTE: Online Boot Camps are an EXCLUSIVE offering for Meredith's customers ONLY.  If you are working with another Coach, please contact him/her for details on their next upcoming group.

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