Hey friend!

Are you feeling STUCK or lost in your current situation?

Maybe you know you need to make some changes but you’re not exactly sure where to even start or what you want.
The good news is, you’re not alone.
I’ve felt that way in the past and one thing I know is that in order to change where we’re going, we have to first acknowledge and embrace where we ARE.
Right here, right now.
And be willing to get really, really HONEST with yourself about the areas of your life that are rocking and the areas that are… notsomuch.

I’ve created the Inventory Check List Worksheet below to help you do just that.

But here’s the secret sauce: follow the directions to rate how you feel in each category and then in the “Comments” section, elaborate on WHY you feel that way and (here’s the ‘sauce') recognize if it’s something IN YOUR CONTROL and if so, take 100% accountability + ownership of it.

Miz in your job? Spruce up that resume and find a new one.

Not fulfilled in your relationship? Communicate about it.

Feeling stuck in your financial situation? Find a way to save more or earn more.

And the list goes on.

But he bottom line (literally) is that it’s POSSIBLE to change (most) things in life.
And it can start NOW.

Let’s do this.