From "Stuck" to Unstoppable

In the summer of 2014, I felt STUCK.  

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not like my life was anything terrible or that I had some tragic event happen that gave me an “a-ha” moment.  

Actually, my life was pretty awesome: I had a great job at which I had recently gotten a promotion; I had met the guy of my dreams and was finally in a healthy, happy relationship for the first time in my life; I had quite possibly the most supportive-rock-solid family a girl could ask for, and I had all my God-given abilities. 

What could I possibly have to feel “stuck” about?

Well…ME.  Yes, M-E. 

I stopped looking around outside of me, pointing fingers and thinking it was some external factor making me feel this way, and I realized, “holy sh*t, I am the one making ME stuck!” 


I had lost any and all motivation that I had to exercise, something I had previously enjoyed doing and I had not been to a gym in over 2 years.  I looked back on the years that I was a pretty regular gym-goer, worked my butt off only to see minimal results, and thought, "What’s the point?".


I had taken up a new “diet” that consisted of salad, coffee, Ramen noodles, and alcohol.  Truth be told, it was working alright! …Or so I thought.  It may not have been making me obese, but these new habits were slowly killing my mental mojo, and probably my internal organs, one day at a time.  


And “one day at a time” had turned into years.  I had gained over 25 pounds, minimal to no self-confidence, lack of energy, and a generally unfulfilled way of going through life, despite all the great things that were happening in it.


I woke up, went to my job, came home exhausted, ate dinner and went to bed.  Got up and did it again. REPEAT.


Was this REALLY what my life was going to consist of for the next 30-some years?  This was.... it??  Oh. My. Gawd. 


So I finally had that “epiphany moment” when I saw an old friend of mine posting pictures on Facebook of how wonderful her life is and how she’s “changing lives” and living a “life by design” with a mobile business platform.  After knocking off my jealousy, skepticism and thoughts of hmph, must be nice!  I started to think WHY NOT ME!?


I realized this opportunity – the same opportunity that had drastically changed my friend’s life – had been sitting RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME this entire time.  And it hinged on me getting my own sh*t together FIRST so I could help others do the same.


So, in the summer of 2014, I took the reigns on my health and fitness and said I’M GOING TO DO THIS


I started off with my own personal #100DaysOfHealthy campaign (inspired by the #100HappyDays trend) and gradually got myself back in a routine.  I posted on social media EVERY single day (something I had NEVER done before) throughout those 100 days to keep myself accountable and that I did.


I set goals for each month.  I drank a superfood shake daily (sometimes twice per day because of convenience/limited time...and let's be honest, it's like a chocolate milkshake soo... why not?) and worked on my mindset around food.  I followed regimented at-home workout programs, which gave me a schedule to know exactly what workouts I was going to do and what meals I was going to eat each day.  AND even better, the workouts were portable + streamable from anywhere in the world!  So I could no longer make the “I’m traveling this week” excuse and I was able to stay on track.

By the end of 100 days, I had lost nearly 20 pounds and was the happiest I have ever been in my life.

Since my #100DaysOfHealthy, I’ve continued my healthy ways and now they are just part of my lifestyle, among some other fun activities that I now have the confidence to do.  Never did I ever think I would be so excited about home workout programs, but I can also certainly tell you that I have never been this excited about my results from doing anything else either! 


In 30 minutes per day, I’ve achieved things, physically and mentally, that I never even imagined were possible when I was working out in a traditional gym on my own.


I am still stunned every time I look in the mirror and think back to how I felt (and looked) in the summer of 2014.  It's almost like looking at a different person.  Only this time, it truly feels like ME. 


I wake up every day, grateful for this opportunity and for the fact that it has gotten me back to a mindset where I’m happy, positive and can share the best version of me with the people I love.


So, why am I so passionate about what I do as a Coach?  Not just because I “got my mojo back” but because now, I can PAY IT FORWARD to those who need it -- the girls who are feeling just like I did at the time, when I knew I needed to do something, but didn't know where to start.


If you can relate to any of the feelings I mentioned above, or if you feel “stuck” in your own sense, I want to help you.  Please feel free to apply to join our next Online Boot Camp to join our community and start working toward being your best self.


And if you're looking for a bigger breakthrough, beyond just health and fitness, fill out an application to schedule a Breakthrough Call with me so we can talk about your goals and point you in the right direction to make them a reality.